Liked on YouTube: Where to Buy Essential Oils Review

Where to Buy Essential Oils Review
Where to buy essential oils,, 580-889-6486
Three questions are raised that will guide you to the right place to buy:
1. How are you going to use the oils?
a. Medicinal
b. Therapeutic
c. Aromatherapy
2. What grade of essential oil do you want?
The internet marketers use adjectives to describe “Grades” such as, Grade A, Clinical Grade, True, or Real.
There is only one grade you should select, “PURE”, undiluted, not blended from one botanically named oil.
3. How much do you want to pay for essential oils?
i. Expect to pay 3-5 times the true value, if buying through a multilevel company,
ii. Compare prices of pure botanically named oils,
iii. The true price of therapeutic oils is like any commodity, dictated by the demand.

Tips for choosing a company to purchase from.
• Only buy by one unblended botanical name
• Only purchase 100% “pure” oils
• Buy from a company that has a Satisfaction guarantee and a good history.
• Know the difference between Lavandin (Lavandula hybrida medicus) and Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) THEY BOTH SMELL LIKE LAVENDER but are chemically unlike
• Use a credit card
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