Liked on YouTube: Motivation 5 Facts Everyone Should Know About Animal behavior Best Describes The Character You Are !

Motivation 5 Facts Everyone Should Know About Animal behavior Best Describes The Character You Are !
Motivation,5 Facts Everyone Should Know About Animal behavior Best Describes The Character You Are.
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How well do you know yourself and others? Socrates is famous for the two words know thyself. Having a better understanding of yourself and others is the key to being more effective as a leader and to work well in teams. The book CrazyZoo, Know-Thyself Made Easy by Fritz Glaus you step by step in discovering your classic type of person. Fritz does this as he tells the story about zoo animals who must learn to collaborate together in order to create an open zoo that is safe and peaceful, so humans could be closer to the animals.
Throughout the book, which is written as a fable, Fritz demonstrates how the different types of animals use mututal coaching techniques to help each other overcome their fears, which act as restrainers in leadership and teamwork.
We all belong to a classic type that is usually combined with another closely related type pf person. This book will clarify the qualities and fears of each type and provide deep understanding of how best to deal with the problems caused by the fear of each type.
I first met Fritz many years ago through the training and development industry and forged a great bond. I felt attracted to his deep wisdom and passion for self-understanding and personal development. I often sought his advice on many topics, both personal and professional. We went on to work together as partners but he always remained a great coach and mentor.
When Fritz first introduced me to his approach for self-knowledge I was blown away by the simplicity yet profoundness of it. It gave me a great aha moment like no other training or assessment on self-knowledge had done.
Fritz had also integrated his types of people approach into his Style of Leadership and Team Develop and My Team and training programs, which we are pleased to have delivered to many organizations and still offer today.
Fritz is no long with us but his voice and spirit live on in his work. I encourage you to purchase his book and partake in the exercises to discover your classic and combined types. I am certain you will find this eye opening and will provide you with tools to become more balanced and more effective with others.

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