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EHS manager Cleveland, Ohio
Environmental Health & Safety Manager, (866)272.7199
The EHS Manager partners with the corporate management team to ensure that a robust, continuous-improvement based Environmental, Health and Safety Management System is in place and managed effectively. This EHS Management System includes provisions for the establishment of EHS related goals and metrics, management reviews, programs to help ensure compliance with Federal, State and Local regulations, injury and Illness prevention programs, Safety Leadership, and Environmental Management. Works with the Management Team, Safety Committee members and others to establish and maintain a safety culture where working safely and within a safe working environment is a company and employee value.
I’ve had 35 years in Corp Executive Engineering roles with Industry and Consulting Firms
Here are some of the main reasons why I always hired Recruiters while serving as an Officer and Hiring manager for Industry and Consulting Engineering firms….
• 1 – I never had enough time devoted to the overall hiring process
• 2 – My ROI was better spent on what I do best – developing clients and managing projects – not interviewing 10ns of Candidates sent to me by HR
• 3 – My overall networking was limited to internal projects, staff and client contacts
• 4 – Due to many COI issues, Recruiters that I hired engaged in many exceptional candidates that I or HR could not
• 5 – Overall…Hiring a recruiter kept me focused on my core business
• 6 -And Finally, in the long run…Recruiters actually made us money
Meaning – if a professional recruiter that you hire finds even one significant candidate that you might have missed on your own, that candidate can drive thousands of dollars of profit to your bottom line over your 10-, 20- or 30-year career. It’s hiring the best people that will make you successful.
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