Liked on YouTube: Gold Dredges Uganda Africa 2-8″ Keene Dredges

Gold Dredges Uganda Africa 2-8″ Keene Dredges
Keene Authorized Dealer, 580 364 7550
We have 2- 8″ Keene dredges in Africa. They were use for thirty days and the owners lost their claim. In that 30 days the 2 dredges produced over $200,000 in gold.
Island Mining Supply is an authorized dealer for Keene, we sold these 2 dredges originally to the party in Africa. We went over helped take delivery and set both dredges and started the project.
When the party called us and asked if we would buy them back, we went back to Africa to see the condition of the equipment. The equipment is in very good condition only been used for thirty days.
Call us now to buy these 2 dredges in Africa and take delivery. 1 580 364 7550 leave a message if the line is busy.

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Contact information:
Island Mining Supply
7 Alexandria St. Lexbur Heights, Camp 7
Baguio, Philippines 2600

Phone +63 947 966 6503
Land line +63 74 244 3920
USA # 1 530 636 6070
Skype 580 364 7550
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