Liked on YouTube: Keene Gold Dredge, New Technology catches ultra fine gold Niamey,Niger

Keene Gold Dredge, New Technology catches ultra fine gold Niamey,Niger
Keene Gold Dredge Niamey,Niger

Keene Gold Dredge Super Max, New Technology catches ultra fine gold
This is the next generation of a dredge technology designed for the recovery of super ultra fine gold.
Here we are in 2017 and we have developed the Super Max Sump Dredge. This beast outperforms all other dredges in the world for micro fine gold recovery. The entire dredge was built with state of the art technology including new floats, frame, pumps, power jets and more. The sluice box is oversized to control the material and allow the fine material as it is classified into a slower velocity zone.

The sump creates a slight negative vacuum on the screen that pulls 100% of all the finer values into the sump. From there it is pumped into the elevated side boxes. By pumping the minus 1/8th material into a controlled flow environment, all the super fine gold, up to 500 mesh, can be recovered from the side sluice boxes.
What we have now is two machines in one. The dredge to collect the material up into the sluice box to grab any of the larger gold. Then New technology that separates the ultra fine gold in the upper smaller sluice boxes.
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